Artist Profile: Hotsi

KOFFI DIDIER SEMENOU is a musician, songwriter, and producer from West Africa. He was born in Togo, where he first picked up the bass guitar in 1986. Attending a musical school in Lome the next year, his love and passion for his instrument led him to perform in school concerts. Although his parents did not approve of his artistic calling, the autodidactic musician decided that performing was his reason for living. As he used to say: “IF YOU WANT YOU CAN.” In 1990 he went on to join the band HOTSUI 7. During this time he also composed his first slow and zook songs. The next five years were spent listening to, studying, and playing the music of mythical african artists. In 1996 he found new inspiration in jazz music, enabling him to add new dimension to his work. Two years later, he formed HOTSI GROUP, and has since become a leader in african traditional and modern music.

The dynamic and multitalented FALLON DRAVIE joined HOTSI in 1998 as a guitarist, singer, and composer, with ambitions of becoming an Afro-music star.

Hotsi released AFRIKAVI (2002) in Togo, which delt with traditional African issues. Currently residing in New York, they are working hard to add HIP HOP and R&B flavor to their unique music stylings which they call “AFROMIX”. Their second album, FATE, came out this year.

Info from their MySpace.
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