At the United Nations for World Humanitarian Day with Beyonce & Anderson Cooper by Zephrah Soto

Hey JAMBOX Subscribers, Zephrah Soto here. I am a singer/songwriter here at JAMBOX and had a great experience recently that I thought I should share with you guys. So, on August 10th I had the chance to perform at the United Nations in support of World Humanitarian Day with my choir, Music Unites Youth Choir sponsored by YANY. We also got exclusive passes to watch Beyonce’s performance of “I Was Here” for the campaign heralding a drive to send 1 billion messages of hope around the world. Jay-Z, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Michelle Obama, Jusin Bieber, Shakira, and Gweyneth Paltrow have also signed on to participate in the campaign in support of humanitarians around the world thanks to Beyonce. Before her amazing performance, my choir also had passes to hear and see Anderson Cooper actually interview a few humanitarians from around the world and in our local community and the risks that they have put themselves through.

While my choir was singing some tunes like “Just the Way You Are” and “Hey, Soul Sister” in the VIP Lounge, Beyonce herself popped her head out from the balcony to see what we were up to. Also watching us perform was Julia Stiles, The-Dream, and Diane Warren. Watching Beyonce perform gave me absolute chills. I knew she was great, but I learned she was amazing live. She put so much emotion and effort into her performance and you could see she was performing not just for the audience, but for a great cause that millions, maybe even billions, would soon know about.

It was a moment I won’t forget. Watch the video above for what I got to see live in the audience. I’m sure it will blow your mind like it blew mine.


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