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Co-owner / Administrative Director

In 1992, Ms. Palmisano became Co-Owner and Administrative Director of JAMBOX Entertainment Studios. Ms. Palmisano has remained instrumental in managing, developing, and consulting the careers of chart topping artists and television personalities, including Song Diva, Lori Michaels- who at the age of 16, started the non-profit organization REACH OUT, Inc. Ms. Palmisano has served as the charity’s Executive Director since its inception in 1989. Under Ms Palmisano’s guidance, REACH OUT, Inc. has touched the lives of millions of people. Due to her high level of administrative work, commitment, and dedication- REACH OUT, Inc. produces programs and projects for/alongside some of the nation’s most noteworthy, charitable organizations. In 2006, Ms. Palmisano also co-founded 4SIGHT Music Productions which went on to produce the classic album “Year Of The Cowboy” by NYC Times Square Icon, The Naked Cowboy (which had its television debut on MTV). Ms. Palmisano started and currently directs the educational careers internship program at JAMBOX ENtertainment which has helped 100s of young interns find direction for their careers. Due to her efforts, JAMBOX Entertainment is considered “a top recording studio in the metropolitan area” by industry professionals.