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CD Mastering


Audio Mastering is the final stage of the music creation process in which the final mixes are processed by a mastering engineer and fine-tuned to meet today’s high music industry quality standards. If you don’t have your tracks professionally mastered, you then run the risk of having a lackluster sounding end product that will not stand up to most professional releases. CD Mastering 2014-BKND_ 300


Mastering is an art-form not to be taken lightly. A mastering engineer must have a specialized ear, specialized equipment,and years of experience to create a great master. Certain mastering plug-ins out there are good but they won’t make the ‘Big Leagues”.  Even if you choose to use strictly plug-ins, a level of expertise and knowledge is required to get positive results. Mastering is the final stage before burning cds or uploading to distribution sites. It’s all about the quality during this process. You shouldn’t cut corners here if you don’t have to. All of your hard work will either be enhanced or compromised depending on the road you choose. Here at JAMBOX’ CD Mastering service, we use both high end analog and digital mastering gear and have the trained ear necessary to ensure that your music gets the best results. We will work with you and your budget to supply you with a finished product ready for radio play. Be Proud Of Your Final Work! Go to for more tips and FAQ about mastering, and to hear samples of our great work. Call us today at 212-979-8324 or 212-273-3426 for more info, rates, and specials!

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