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EXCLUSIVE: Jillian Holly – Crazy for You

EXCLUSIVE: Jillian Holly – Crazy for You

You’re probably wondering where our Bootcamp stars go after the summer. We caught up with bootcamper Jillian Holly as she released her single Crazy for You on ITunes.


Here’s a recap of her lively Bootcamp experience and her admirable performance of the original song Hallway:

(Bootcamp experience)


Jillian is the FIRST Bootcamper to release a single on iTunes. Her song was produced and Co-written by Alex ‘Lex’ Goumas; one of JAMBOX Entertainment’s fascinating producer/engineers.  Their collaboration delivers the next  teen summer chart topper.


Crazy for You is ideal for dancing in your house while friends are over. It’s perfectly fine to sing along with Jillian and tell that guy “I won’t be falling crazy for you.”


Go buy the track on itunes ASAP!


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