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The Gift of Song

The Gift of Song

One of our services here at JAMBOX,  Gift of Song, allows everyone to get a professional, yet fun,  recording experience while creating something you will always remember. Recently, a gift of song client arrived an hour early for her session. While she waited she displayed her love for music through practicing her songs. She had no fear, and no reservations. She just went for it and enjoyed it.


Her obvious passion of music inspired the topic for this blog. It brought me back to the first time I thought about singing and songwriting. Picture an 8-year-old girl, singing with her friends in school, writing in her free time and dreaming about becoming a star.

Each music lover has a unique musical taste engrained in them from a young age. But even as music lovers we may not want to follow a musical career.  Instead of learning musical technicalities from a young age, I hid my love for singing and writing in the background. However, other creative people can bring out the hidden artist in you. For example, the client that arrived early caused me to desire no reservations in my singing. She inspired me to go for and enjoy the moment. Even if you feel like you don’t sound “right.” Because what is sounding right when we all have our own voice?


Had I been inspired this way while I was younger, I would have had no reservations; just like the practicing client and others who take part in Gift of song. It reminds people that they can do something they love even if it isn’t their career choice. We don’t have to be famous stars like Beyonce, JayZ, etc. We have the gift of music in our lives and we can share that gift. If you decide to sing in a choir or sing at home for your own enjoyment, go ahead and follow that passion. It’s not about being perfect. Gift of Song is simply about ones love and enjoyment of creating a lasting memory and being able to share it with friends and loved ones.
It’s time to stop worrying about “what will people think?” No matter your career goals, Gift of Song is something every singer can gain something from. It makes you realize that you have had the gift of song in you all along. Here at JAMBOX, you can use that gift and let it blossom.

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