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Happy Labor Day From JAMBOX Entertainment!

Happy Labor Day From JAMBOX Entertainment!

Hello JAMBOX Friends and Family,

It’s been a very interesting summer, and actually the coolest summer in over a decade! Sadly, we lost some of our groundbreaking actors like Lauren Bacall, and the amazing Robin Williams, as well as legendary soul music artist, Bobby Womack. On a brighter note, we’ve seen an original 10 cent Action Comics #1 (Superman Debut) comic sell for over $3.2 million on Ebay, and we’ve watched our favorite celebrities and regular people like you and me take the popular Ice Bucket Challenge in support of ALS research.
As we close out what has been an eventful summer, I would like to wish you all – friends, family and prospective client alike – a Happy Labor Day weekend and a strong, prosperous fall season! I look forward to working with you on some of what I’m sure will be your best projects to date! 
JAMBOX Entertainment will continue to keep you in the loop with upcoming special events, deals, and updates! 
Thank you for your time, and thank you for choosing JAMBOX!
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Lee Evans 
CEO/Studio Director 

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