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JAMBOX Artist Bootcamp Presents: The Songwriters Series


Are you the next big songwriter or artist waiting to be discovered? Do you have what it takes to make it in today’s competitive music industry alongside great songwriters such as Sia, Max Martin, Diane Warren, Pharrell, Dr. Luke, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and all the others? Need a little help developing your skills and creating a great final product?
JAMBOX is here to help you!
JAMBOX Artist Bootcamp is proud to introduce the Artist Bootcamp Songwriters Series, our newest songwriting/artist development program! Now, you can have the chance to work alongside our award-winning team of songwriters, music producers, vocal coaches, and audio engineers in a professional recording studio to create a full song or project from start to finish!
Songwriters series
Call 212-979-8324 or 212-273-3426 for details, and visit our

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