JAMBOX Artist Spotlight : Lo Luciano AKA Lo Life

My name is Lo Luciano representing G-Life

How long have you been rapping?
I’ve been rapping for about 7-8 years. I fell in love with it after first hearing Biggie. That’s where I got the inspiration.
What kind of project are you working on now?
The project is called Roads 2 Riches. It’s a mix tape to really just get my feet wet, like an introduction.
Is this your first time recording here?
Nah, I’ve been recording here for a while, about a couple years now.
What do you like about recording here?
I like the atmosphere; it’s a really cool family atmosphere.
When should we look forward to hearing the completed project?
Sooner than later. The project should be wrapped up in give or take 2 weeks.
I don’t know if this is a sensitive subject or not, but how did you end up in a wheelchair? Does it affect your music?
I was running these streets wild before I took this music seriously. I was really into the streets doing all the wrong things. It affected my music where I feel like I’m giving people in that situation an outlet. You know, I’m opening up doors and speaking for the have-nots. They have a voice now. For the ones who feel down and out- if they have no voice, I’ll be their voice.
Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
It’s about this music and money, this is what I’m really focused on right now. I’m taking it to the top, that’s the only destination. 

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