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Keep Music Fun


Music is something to be experienced whether in the comfort of your home or at a venue like Rumsey Playfield or Madison Square Garden. Instead of worrying about how are we going to make it in the Music Industry, let’s talk about how we can enjoy it.

During the summer we can enjoy the company of other music lovers while enjoying free concerts. For the love of music we choose to camp out at the spot, lose sleep to get there early and try to navigate a crowd of other excited fans; I’ve done it, At the 2009 Today Show’s Jonas Brothers Concert, all I got for souvenir was a guitar pick and a pre-signed Kevin Jonas picture, but it was worth it. There was a ton of bonding through pictures and loud singing and screaming. Some bonds became lasting ones and we could share our love of music with each other….kind of like here at JAMBOX Entertainment studios- without the screaming and screeching of fanatics. Each individual has something different to provide and a different input into the industry.

Making our own work takes time and patience; time that can be difficult to find as a full time student or employee. It’s amazing to hear about how the staff here finds time to do their own work. As the rest of us sleep, making music keeps them up until the sun comes up. That belief system, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” (advice not recommended for everyone; please do not try this at home.) We find a working system between our busy hours and our free hours to create balance we need to keep going. I sometimes think I’ll lose my sanity if I can’t get something creative into my week; even if its drawing a bad picture of a flower or singing off key.

We learn different methods of doing things and then create our own process. As a beginner, when working on vocals I prefer to work with a coach. It helps me concentrate on the details that make the bigger picture. When you have someone else willing to help build your focus and work with expanding your range you can focus on how you are feeling. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to sing and sound nasally or off key.

To make the music you need a beat, the lyrics and the talent. You focus on the key points you need and on all the mistakes you make; that’s why I don’t think my poems would go well for music. I can get too concentrated on the small details and how it doesn’t feel a certain way. I don’t want to mess up with my work, and I don’t want to mess up at work either. That’s the part of me that is detail oriented and keeps on wanting to write this blog over; instead of accepting there might only be a few tweaks to make. We all take our work seriously and lose track of what inspired you to be here in the first place. When you get inspired and have something to get off your chest, write a song. Seems like the best songs are made when the writer is feeling something out of the ordinary. Which may seem out of the ordinary now, but later on we’ll have a crowd of people sympathizing with the story.

That’s the fun part. Getting something off your chest and then sharing it with the world. Seeing people smile or tear up because everything worked out positively. At first it may not feel as if it’s right or done. You never liked the way you sound to yourself with those home recordings. Then you hear the completed package and feel that much better. In that case, something I have recently learned is to let what you’re working on sit. Wait a couple hours or a day and then come back to it. If it’s something you think is done, share it with the world. The best part of this was that we kept true to ourselves and we enjoyed it. A little something JAMBOX Entertainment is helping me learn, as they embrace all different types of artists.

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