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Peter Jorge

Senior Audio Engineer

JAMBOX Entertainment Studios Discography

EXPERIENCE: Recording Artist, True 2 Life Records/Ministries
“True 2 Life”

Jambox Entertainment, N.Y.
Staff Engineer

Unique Recording Studios, N.Y.
Engineer/Assistant Engineer/Tape Librarian/Desk- Manager/Intern

Recording Artist, Sony/Epic Records
“Smokin Suckaz Wit Logic”

Power Play Studios, L.I.C., N.Y.
Desk Manager/Engineer/Assistant Engineer/Intern

EDUCATION: Five Towns College, Seaford, L.I.
Fall 1986-Spring 1988
Major: Audio Recording
Minor: Music Instrument Technology

Manhattan Technical Institute, N.Y.
Fall 1985-Summer 1986
Major: Electronics

SKILLS: Extensive Recording, Sequencing, Editing, Arranging, Mixing, Midi, Microphone and Outboard Gear Knowledge. Pro-Tools LE, TDM & HD systems. Solid State Logic, Neve, Mackie & Digidesign ProControl, Control 24 Consoles.

LANGUAGES: English and Spanish.


1.Kenny Dope. “Supa” 12″ Remix (1991) Big Beat Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
2.B.D.P. “Duck Down” (1992) Jive Records >Mixing Engineer<
3.Heather B. “I Get Wreck” 12″ (1992) Elektra Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
4.Mesanjarz Of Funk. “Mesanjarz Of Funk” LP (1993) Atlantic Records >Tracking & Mixing<
5.Smokin Suckaz Wit Logic. “Playin Foolz” LP (1993) Epic Records >Producer, Writer & Arranger<
6.Living Colour. “Leave It Alone” 12″ Remix (1993) Epic Records >Producer<
7.Tower Of Power. “It All Comes Back” 12″ Remix (1993) Epic Records >Producer<
8.Odin. “Another Day” 12″ (1995) Foot Stompin’ Records >Producer & Remix Engineer<
9.M.F. Grimm. “Get Down”/”International Rules” 12″ (1996) Dolo Records >Tracking & Mixing<
10.A.C.D. “Mos Niggaz”/”King Of N.Y.” 12″ (1998) Hit List Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
11.The Dead Crew. “The Projects” 12″ (1998) MCA Records >Tracking Engineer<
12.Big Daddy Kane. “Entaprizin”/”2 Da Good Tymz” (1998) Mercury Records >Tracking & Mixing<
13.Scaramanga. “Special Efx” (1999) Sun Large/Fat Beat Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
14.Sporty Thievz. “Hit It Up” (1999) Columbia Records >Tracking & Mixing< >Platinum Status<
15.Pace Won. “I Declare War” (1999) Ruffhouse/Columbia Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
16.Outsidaz. “Don’t Look Now”/”The Rah Rah” (1999) Rufflife Records >Tracking & Mixing<
17.Lords Of the Underground. “Resurrection” (1999) EMI Records >Tracking Engineer<
18.Akinyele. “Niggaz & Bitches” (1999) Jive Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
19.Rakim. “Uplift” (1999) Universal Records>Tracking Engineer<
20.Sporty Thievz. “La La” 12″ (2000) Columbia Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
21.Strick & Royce The 5’9″. “It’s Over” (2000) Tommy Boy Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
22.True2Life. “The EP” C.D. (2000) True2Life Records >Producer, Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
23.Half Pint. “Closer To You” 12″ (2000) Half Pint Productionz >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
24.Carnagy. “Face The Music”/”Pay Me Time” 12″ (2000) Market Men Music Group >Tracking & Mixing<
25.King Kirk. “Why” 12″ (2000) Stealberg Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
26.Toshika. “Stick By You” 12″ (2000) Sony Japan >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
27.Maestro. “Yo Le Vi”/”Tu Funcion”/”Acesino”/”hechate” (2000) Boriqua Guerreros >Tracking Engineer<
28.Sporty Thievz. “In Stores Now” C.D. (2001) Stealberg Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
29.Dead Crew. “Project 2000″ 12” (2001) Ice-Age Entertainment >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
30.Washington Heights Productionz. “W.H.P.” C.D. (2001) W.H.P. Records >Tracking & Mixing<
31.Dev. “Appreciate” 12″ (2001) Stealberg Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
32.Peter Gunz. “Othello”/”Step It Up” 12″ (2001) Twism Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
33.True2Life. “The Road Less Traveled” C.D. (2001) True2Life Records >Producer, Tracking & Mixing<
34.Maze & Musaliny. “It’s Trill” 12″ (2001) Epic Records >Tracking Engineer<
35.Sauce Money. “Why I Entertain”/”Do It Nigga” 12″ (2001) Priority Records >Tracking Engineer<
36.North Star. “The Waterboy” C.D. (2002) Beatstreet Records >Tracking Engineer<
37.Pacewon. “Won” C.D. (2002) RuffLife Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
38.Nita. “Midnight Hour” 12” (2003) Hunc Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
39.Jin. “Soon To Be Released” C.D. (2003) Ruff Ryder Records >Tracking Engineer<
40.Wil Wonkaz. “Crack Factory” C.D. (2003) Universal/MCA Publishing >Tracking Engineer<
41.Hunc. “Growin Pains” C.D. (2003) Hunc Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
42.Jin. “Peel Off” 2 Fast 2 Furious Soundtrack. (2003) Def Jam Records >Protools Engineer<
43.Krumbsnatcha. “Here We Go” Hate Me More C.D. (2003) Ill Kid Records >Mix
44.Gangstarr. “Kingpinz Freestyle” Extra Clip: The Best Of… C.D. (2003) Ill Kid Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
45.Hunc. “Dat’s Wasup Mix CD” (2003) Hunc Records >Tracking, Mixing, Sequencing & Editing<
46.Chosen Few. “Welcome” C.D. (2003) Ghetto Medal Records >Tracking, Mixing & Sequencing<
47.Lace. “In The System Vol.1” C.D. (2004) I Love Brooklyn Records >Tracking, Mixing & Sequencing<
48.Dibiase. “Luv Dis Life” 12” (2004) Dymond Stamp Productions Inc. >Tracking Engineer<
49.Nita. “New Love” 12” (2004) Hunc Records >Tracking Engineer<
50.Omar. “Be Thankful Remix” 12” (2004) Spun Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
51.Nuttea. “Femmes” Urban Voodoo C.D. (2004) EMI France >Mix Engineer<
52.C-Blaque. “Points On The Package” C.D. (2004) Stash Box Entertainment >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
53.Gruff. “Classic Shit For The Streets” C.D. (2004) Hunc Records >Tracking, Mixing & Sequencing Engineer<
54.Guru. “Hall Of Fame” Version 7.0 The Street Scriptures C.D. (2005) 7 Grand Records >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
55.Adeena. “The Million Dollar Lady Remixes” C.D. (2005) Hunc Records >Tracking, Mixing & Sequencing Engineer<
56.M.O.P. “Whoa” Wendy Williams Brings The Heat Vol. 1 C.D. (2005) Virgin Records >Tracking Engineer<
57.M.O.P. “It’s Hard To Tell” & “Party Like A Rockstar” M.O.P. Salutes the St. Marxmen C.D. (2005) Koch Records >Tracking Engineer<
58.P-Star. “The Young Feminist Phenomenon” C.D. (2005) Hunc Records >Tracking, Mixing & Sequencing Engineer<
59.Adeena. “Sumthing Amazin” C.D. (2006) Hunc Records >Tracking, Mixing & Sequencing Engineer<
60.Gangsta. “From My Block To Your Block” C.D. (2006) Hunc Records >Tracking, Mixing & Sequencing Engineer<
61.Don Omar. “Predica” King Of Kings C.D. (2006) Machete Records >Tracking Engineer<
62.Hot Cahmodity. “16 King” C.D. (2006) Highbrid Entertainment >Tracking & Mixing Engineer<
63.Nuttin But Stringz. “Struggle” Struggle From The Subway To The Charts C.D. (2006) Koch Records >Tracking Engineer<
64.Young B. “Uptown Harlem” C.D. (2007) Hunc Records >Tracking, Mixing & Sequencing Engineer<
65.P-Star. “Welcome To My Show” C.D. (2007) Hunc Records >Tracking Engineer<
66.Duo Live. “The Color Of Money” C.D. (2007) Redemption Music Group > Tracking Engineer<
67.Junclassic. “2 Much Ain’t Enuff” C.D. (2007) Classified Recordings >Tracking Engineer<

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