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JAMBOX Entertainment Studios Now Offers New Video Services [Video]

Breaking news guys! JAMBOX Entertainment now offers a new video service! You can now add video to any of our specialized JAMBOX Studio services such as The Gift Of Song, Record Your Story, JAMBOX Artist Bootcamp, JAMBOX Elite and our highly acclaimed Studio Recording Sessions. For more info call at 212-979-8324 | 212-273-3423 or visit: …


RECORD YOUR STORY™ at JAMBOX Entertainment Studios! [Video]

RECORD YOUR STORY™ at JAMBOX Entertainment Studios! Now, you can record everything you’ve ever wanted to say with amazing quality in a professional recording studio. Record your stories, poems, memories, experiences, dedications to loved ones, special messages and much more! Add features such as videos, photos and music! Create something special to share with the …


Five Truths About Today’s Music Industry by BOBBY BORG via

Five Truths About Today’s Music Industry by BOBBY BORG Music Marketing for the DIY Musician To achieve your music career goals, you had better focus on the realities of the business of music. Here are five truths that all musicians should understand if you want to get ahead. Even in this age of information overload …


CD Mastering

Audio Mastering is the final stage of the music creation process in which the final mixes are processed by a mastering engineer and fine-tuned to meet today’s high music industry quality standards. If you don’t have your tracks professionally mastered, you then run the risk of having a lackluster sounding end product that will not …


Happy Labor Day From JAMBOX Entertainment!

Hello JAMBOX Friends and Family,   It’s been a very interesting summer, and actually the coolest summer in over a decade! Sadly, we lost some of our groundbreaking actors like Lauren Bacall, and the amazing Robin Williams, as well as legendary soul music artist, Bobby Womack. On a brighter note, we’ve seen an original 10 …