This Independance Day celebrate the Gift of Freedom with the GIFT OF SONG! Only at JAMBOX!

Hey everyone! JAMBOX here checkin’ in with our lovely readers. Hope everyone had a great weekend  and is looking forward to the holiday coming up soon.

Hmm, speaking of holiday this reminds me of something important.
Yes, its that wonderful time of the year (again). The generous people at JAMBOX are offering a special discount for the 4th of July on our Gold and Silver Gift Of Song packages! Everyone should take advantage of this deal. How often can you music lovers really go into a top professional studio, record a couple of your favorite cover songs, have it mixed and mastered for radio quality, AND.. leave with your own personalized CD? 
 Unleash your hidden POP STAR at JAMBOX Entertainment’s Gift Of Song! (Fame and fortune not included…[yet])

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