Top Five Reasons All Musicians Should Create A Blog !

written by: Patrick Polakowski

For many talented musicians, blogs are great tool to establish an online community and produce content on anything you are doing. Social media is globally used by everyone and one of the most fastest way to promote events, products, services and most importantly, yourself. JAMBOX Entertainment Studios feels strongly that blogging is a growing trend and many musicians should take advantage of this because there many rewards. Blogs plays a prominent role in shaping a musician’s career. Here are five top reasons for all musicians to create a blog!

#1 Blogs help  build new conversations with your Fan-Base

A blog gives an opportunity for musicians to discuss things that really matter to them. It gives all musicians an opportunity to connect with there audience on regular basis and on a more personal level. You can create interesting stories and expand on your music. You have the freedom to discuss all things and build trust with your readers.

#2 Builds Brand Awareness

A blog is one most cheapest tool to have in your arsenal, when it comes promoting your music.  A blog has the ability to link all of your other social media like your Twitter and Facebook together for maximum exposure in one-shot. A blog creates and provides value to other businesses in the same industry. It creates brand loyalty and hones your voice to your audience.

#3 You Take Control of Your Online-Identity

Even if you are up-coming artist or a highly known musician in your industry. A blog has a great benefit to showcase the best impression of who you truly are. A blog gives the opportunity to put the right information about your work and music. It helps musicians respond quickly to all incorrect information the internet provides. Whether your a person or a business, making sure the right information about you is online is really important to your image or brand. 

#4 Establish Your Voice within a Niche Community

A blog gives you the opportunity to target specific groups of readers that are close to your genre of music or brand. It gives readers the opportunity to really personalize with the content you are putting out worldwide. It gives you the ability to put out your thoughts, advice and views on things you feel close about. Many musicians don’t blog so this is a way to really stand out from your competition.

#5 Gives You Opportunity to Make Money

A blog has the ability to reach and connect to millions of potential readers around the world. It also gives the musician to monetize his music and his brand to others. Its a beneficial way for musicians to make additional sources of income through social media. A blog can help increase your revenue sales of your music and your career. The more a blog has traffic the more opportunities for a musician make real impact.  

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