“Wishing You The Best” By Monique Sherrell Brown… Official Music Video

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I had the pleasure of working with Monique from the developmental vocal stage to the final Mastering stage of this record. Her song ideas are very diverse and her story line ring true and hit home for her which makes the music seem that much more authentic. Ms Brown is a true artist that will only settle for the best and now she’s ‘Wishing You The Best’

Journalist Monique Grimmie wrote: 
With a swampy and bluesy infectious groove, Monique Sherrell Brown aka Monique Brown kills it in “Wishing You the Best.” Her raw and soulful voice takes center stage. 
Monique Sherrell Brown’s vocals are gritty and smooth; confident and laid-back, and downright good. 
“Hello my love. Goodbye, my love. Hello, my love. No more playing silly little games.” As she digs into every word, you will find yourself more than digging this country roots gem and the woman who sings it like she owns every last note.

Check out the Official Music Video 
“Wishing you the best” By Monique Sherrell Brown

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