In Midtown Manhattan NYC

Jambox Studio C

“Studio A” NYC is part of the JAMBOX Entertainment Studios Company. “Studio A” is the primier recording studio at JAMBOX. This room has developed into one of the best sounding studio facilities in NYC, catering to some of the top acts in Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Dance Rap, Gospel, Rock, Acoustic, Opera, Classical and Club/Dance music styles Outfitted with some of the best analog and digital gear on the market, JAMBOX Entertainment’s “Studio A” in NYC is perfect for music recording, voice-overs, audio-book recording, video editing, mixing, CD and Audio Mastering, celebrity interviews, and various types of Corporate Audio work.

Dimensions: Studio A Control Room: 10′ 5″ x 14′ Vocal Room: 7′ 9″ x 10′ ft 6″

Our Studio A started as JAMBOX’ first and only recording room. As the years passed, “Studio A” has developed into one great sounding and technologically proficient rooms to do your music project in NYC.

We’ve packed the best that we have to offer into STUDIO A, these are some of the extras: – Optional Live Global Internet network streaming (be seen around the world live during your session) – Comfy lounge area – TV/DVD player with huge movie library – Complimentary snack tray – Snack machine – Privacy (no strangers walking in and out of your session…) – Helpful and considerate staff ready attend to your needs

Take a virtual tour of Studio A

JAMBOX Lounge 750x500



Experience Studio A’s cutting-edge recording technology:

Sony Pro 50inch monitor

Video Editing

50-inch Widescreen Professional HD Video Monitor 5.1 Surround Audio system Complete “Final Cut PRO” & “Adobe Premier” Pro Suite

50-inch Widescreen, Professional HD Video Editing, Post Production, and export into Pro Tools. Add video to your sessions, interviews and more. Visit our video service page JAMBOX Video Services


Maschine Studio: The Ultimate Beat Machine

A complete studio in a box, Native Instruments Maschine Studio is a hybrid system that integrates hardware with software for the ultimate music-making experience. Native Instruments has upgraded their hit Maschine hardware controller with a fat jog wheel, metering section, and two big, bright color screens. Of course, the Maschine Studio hardware is loaded with the colorful physical pads, buttons, and knobs that made the original Maschines so useful.

Studio A Keyboards 6in72

Midi / Synths / Sound Modules


Korg Kronos 61 Motif ES-8 88 note M-Audio Venom! Akai MKB 249 Yamaha Motif Rack Korg Triton Rack Roland JV-1080 Sound Module 4x Expansion


World Class Processors

Manley “Variable-Mu” Pre-amp & Channel Strip Manley “Massive Passive” Parametric EQ Manley Slam Stereo Limiter And Mic Pre Amp Neve Portico 5043 Stereo compressor Limiter (Two) Lexicon MPX-1 Multi-effects Processors Lexicon PCM 92 Multi-effects Processor TC Electronics “Finalizer 96K” TC Electronics D2 Delay Processor

Top of the Line Microphone Preamps

Manley “SLAM” Stereo Limiter & Mic Pre Manley “Voxbox” Pre-amp & Channel Strip API 3124 Plus! (Rack of 4 API solid state Mic-pres)


Killer Microphones

(one or more of the following) Neumann TLM49 Neumann U-87Ai Microphone Neumann TLM-103 Telefunken ‘Copperhead CU29 Rode NT4 Stereo Mic AKG 414 TLII AKG D112 Kick Drum Mic Shure SM-57 x2 Shure SM-58 Blue Cactus Blue Kiwi BLUE Bluebird Blue Reactor Blue Ball Rode NT-4 Stereo Mic MXL Genesis Tube Mic MXL V89 Solid State Mic MXL Cube Drum mics x2 MXL FR-351 MXL R-77 Ribbon Mic Lavalier Mics

Symphony I:O

Flash Player

Computer & I/O

Apple Mac Pro 8 core 2.4 Ghz Digidesign ProTools HD2 Accel Apogee SYMPHONY I0 Motu Midi Time Piece

DAW Software

Digidesign Pro Tools HD2 (feat. elastic audio & elastic pitch) Logic Pro Studio 9 MOTU DP8 Ableton Live 9 Reason 6

Audio Monitors

EQUATOR Q12 Single Point Reference Monitors 5.1 Surround Sound System



AVID Pro Tools MOTU Digital Performer LogicX Ableton Live Waves Mercury Antares Auto-Tune Korg Legacy Omnisphere Trillian NI Komplete 10 Ultimate Antares Vocal Studio Auto-Tune Evo, AVOX Vocal Bundle + Includes over 10 Vocal Processors Reason and much more


Studio A Software Updates

Pro Tools 11, MOTU Digital Performer, LOGIC X, Ableton Live, Reason, Antares Avox / Evo Vocal Studio with 10 of the latest vocal processors Omnisphere Revolutionary Virtual Powersynth

Studio A Guitars web 72


50 inch sony professional video monitor Full “Final Cut Pro” Suite for video editing Rocktron Banshee Talk Box JAMBOX Phone system for enhanced qualitys live telephone interviews Baldwin Upright Acoustic Piano Alesis Masterlink 24 bit 96K CD Recorder Alesis M-20 24-bit High End ADAT Technics SL-MC5 CD Changer Elegant spacious sound room Plush comfortable lounge A whole bunch of other killer Perks!