Manley Rack

music recordiing



We have degrees in anality when it comes to getting the vocals  right. If the vocals don’t have that majic, then the artist and record  don’t have that magic

 Vocal tuning is the art of Pitch Correction, once you’ve recorded and comped the right takes, Pitch Correction comes in! Sadly the vocal standards of commercial music have been lowered. Our ears and all of the digital plug ins are pushing the vocals to sound more perfect and as a consequence we are listening to lifeless “Robotic voices” pure artificiality… This can be cool, but not as music’s main course!  

If you are that person who likes the ‘cool skool’ way of sounding vibey and natural…We Gotchu!  this is your spot!



Sound mixing is a combination of art and technology with the end goal of creating a new sonic reality. A ‘good mix ‘is not good enough if only the technical aspects are taken into consideration; it must also transmit the song’s message and enhance its emotions. 

Our mixing engineer tows this line carefully, always putting the genre trends  and musical aspects that enhance the songs magic first,  Then applying their tech superpowers, deep knowledge of their tools and plug-ins, and interpretation of visual levels to accomplish the most awesome mix ever heard by homosapiens!