How to Find the Key: Simple Ear Training

How to Find the Key: Simple Ear Training

Any musician finds trouble with figuring out keys, it’s normal. Whether you are just starting your musical journey or have been in the business for years, it can be hard. It takes even the most skilled musicians years to finally perfect their ear. Many do struggle with this skill and it takes time to figure out how to do this. With practice and help, you can train your ear to find any key from any song. Whether it be “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or a song by The Migos, you can learn!

Check out this video featuring music Guru & JAMBOX owner, Lee Evans. Lee explores how to find the key of any song. With many years in the industry, Lee, has managed to come up with an easy guide for beginners in their journey. Being self-taught, Mr.Evans, had to learn on his own how to tell keys from others. Simply by playing or hearing others, he was able to pick up some tricks. In this video Lee will teach you how to find the key of any song in any genre using just your ear!

This foolproof method contains a practice ear training section featuring the latest top artists such as Post Malone, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.

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