Il Volo & Our JAMBOX BootCamp Artist 10 Yr Old Anthony Mattson Barclay Center

On February 17, 2016, our very own 10 year old Anthony Mattson from our JAMBOX Artist Boot camp program got to attend ‘VIP status’ meet and sing along side one of his idols and biggest
names in crossover pop-opera, “Il Volo”, at New York
City’s Barclay’s center. Our talented 10 year old got to live a great
moment of his life by joining the group Il Volo from the 2nd row, and singing the song  “O Sole Mio”. Anthony even got invited backstage to
sing the classic “Mama,” acapella (harmonies and all) with the talented
trio. Little Anthony really held his own.

The Italian pop-opera trio Il Volo consists of Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble.
 Il Volo combines sounds of traditional opera, pop, and classical symphonic in their music. Their self-titled album Il Volo
was released in Europe on November 2010 and went off to platinum status in no time at all. Singing to sold-out audiences worldwide from
Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and all over United States, Il Volo have been conquering audiences of all ages.

JAMBOX Entertainment Studios loves Anthony’s  unique taste in music. He knows and seems to love Italian classics like ‘Volare”, Popular Classics such as Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennet and even classic Operas. Anthony is passionate about his music and
dedication to developing himself further at the  JAMBOX Artist Boot camp program. We see nothing but great
things in this young but highly talented vocalist’s future.
Anthony Mattson, keep up the good work! Keep living your dream!

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