JAMBOX AET Student Brings it Big on the Beat

Harry Houdini escaped out of handcuffs, a straight jacket, and he also jumped into the San Francisco Bay with a 75-pound ball and chain shackled to his ankles…but I don’t think anyone ever saw him rap a 16 bar verse…(especially underwater). These feats were accomplished in the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. But there is ANOTHER Hoodini…a Hoodini who is alive and well and positively superb at rapping. 
In an online competition held at www.notjustOK.com put on by Don Jazzy, a superstar producer out of Africa, Hoodini, who recorded his verse here at JAMBOX Studios, took 5th place out of 1,800 entries. YES!
The lyrics are grimy and real; it feels as if they come straight from the coldest steel ventricle from within the wrapping of this rapper’s stressed skin. Talking about the pain and violence in his city (“Welcome to Africa, Home of the Mac 10’s…”), he pours is heart out on the beat; if Hoodini had his jaws clenched shut with furious passion, frustration, and emotion after his JAMBOX studio session, then my curious imagination has proven intuitive.
Now, what do ya get when you mix a skilled performer, great lyrics, and a supreme recording studio? Why, you get a track engineered to the crispest degree; an artist’s power painted with pop-up book presence; a piece that splashes with velocity as opposed to a muddy, garbled, OK-sounding collection of waves.
I guess this dude really belongs on the mic. Hoodini not only recorded his verse here at JAMBOX, but he is also an excelling student in our AET Audio Engineering Techniques course. If you got skills–and you want to bring ’em on to the mic, whatever your genre may be–come to JAMBOX. If you’ve been thinkin’ about becoming a masterful engineer/producer, come to JAMBOX. Give us a call.
212.979.8324…let the creativity loose!

Sean Posner

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