JAMBOX ENGINEER’S SPOTLIGHT Award Winning Engineer, “Peter Jorge”

Through the years, JAMBOX Entertainment has become known for its great  audio engineers, music and office team! Over the next few weeks, we’d like to spotlight some of the great individuals that give so much of themselves to help JAMBOX be the ‘go-to’ studio in midtown Manhattan.

This week we would like to bring to the spotlight a top NYC veteran engineer that has worked with the JAMBOX team for over 15 years. 

Introducing… Mr. Peter Jorge! 

With over 25 years of experience and a very impressive track record, Peter has worked with some of the best in the business. Peter has worked with Hip Hop artists that have helped to establish the genre, such as KRS One, Peter Gunz, Big Daddy Kane, M.O.P, Don Omar, Young B, P-star, Megan Rochell, Brooklyn Zu, Jim Jones, and more…

Peter Jorge offers a deep level of experience unsurpassed by most engineers. He delivers nothing but the best. He holds a great attention to detail, and there is always a great outcome to a “Peter Jorge project.” On top of the experience, he also provides a great and relaxed vibe. With such an incredible work ethic and years of experience, he is able to record, edit, and mix music to produce an amazing and professional final product for our clients.

 To book Peter for a session, call JAMBOX Entertainment at 212.979.8324

Q And A: Read on as Peter Jorge keeps it real and let’s his voice be heard!

1) What do you like and dislike about the music industry today?
That’s a double edged sword because it’s so much easier to get your music/videos out there nowadays then it was when I first started. Back then you would have to get your demos recorded at a studio, play gigs at clubs, and then shop your demo around and hope you got a record deal. With today’s social media outlets you have plenty of access to get some great music seen and heard but then you have all this garbage polluting it, as well. It’s great, awesome and talented artists vs. lame, non artistic posers!!!

2) What do you love about being an engineer/producer?  

Why I love my job is because of my love for music. That’s why I went to audio school (Five Towns College) and received my Associates Degree. I wanted to be somehow involved in the music making process and since I didn’t know how to play an instrument I chose to become an audio engineer. I love show up to a session and not knowing what to expect and making the best of what’s presented to me that day. No two sessions are ever the same, they’re all different. At the end of the day, we all have to leave with being happy and proud of what we have accomplished that day/session.

3) What has been the highlight of your career?
The highlight of my career has been to be a part of the hip hop world since 1988. When hip hop was at it’s finest with little or no air play at all. When you had to make noise to be heard. Working at state of the art studios on large analog consoles, with only 48 tracks of 2″ analog tape, walls/racks of outboard gear, cabinets full of microphones and rooms full of drum machines, samplers and keyboards/pianos/organs/drums/amps. Those were the days, no copy & paste, no undo button & no autotune. Singers had to sing all their parts, musicians had to record/play their parts and midi gear was locked up to smpte in order to record songs/music onto tape. If edits needed to be done, we would have to splice tape together with a razor & splicing tape via the editing block on the tape machine.

4) What do you love most about being apart of the JamBox Family? 

 I enjoy being a part of the Jambox Family for the last 12 years because it’s a close knit family and we have each other’s back. It’s all positive vibes at Jambox, we help each other out. Each one, teach one…All in the Family!!!

5) What advice do you have for any new artist or engineers coming into the music industry?
Make sure it’s what you want to do or be in life. It’s not easy, so you have to be the best you can be 24/7. Never give up, be consistent and persistent. Do your best and master your craft. Create a name for yourself and people will follow if they like what they see and hear. Don’t be a follower, sent your own trend/mark. If need be don’t quit your dayjob/schooling because you’ll need something to fall back on if things don’t work out. And to all the songwriters out there, whether you write lyrics or make music or both never give up your publishing. Give credit where credit is due!!!

Stay tuned for more interviews with some of the great talent that makes up our JAMBOX staff!

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