JAMBOX Studios Honors Harry Belafonte, Singer and Activist

Remembering the Talented Harry Belafonte, A Wonderful Legacy


Growing up in a Jamaican household with lots of music, Harry Belafonte was a big part of my parent’s musical culture. As a result, I ultimately come to admire and appreciate Belafonte and his musical talent. Later on, I would go on to briefly meet and work with Mr. Belafonte while I was recording the soundtrack for the movie Beat Street (1984). Mr.Belafonte gave me inspiration and drive during this time seeing his work and talent up close. In honoring his legacy, here at JAMBOX, we have decided to introduce his achievements both musically and culturally.

Harry Belafonte was an American singer, songwriter, activist, and actor born in Harlem in 1927. Born of Jamaican decent, he became one of the most successful and influential American pop stars in music history. He popularized Jamaican classics such as: “Banana Boat”, “Jump In the Line”, “Jamaica Farewell”, and “Matilda”.


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