Man, did JAMBOX ENTERTAINMENT put on an event. I mean, I’m still hearin’ the tunes right now. This past Monday, July 18th, JAMBOX RECORDING STUDIOS threw a party at Sullivan Hall in New York City, and the people definitely got what they needed—live talent mixed with loud sound—and most importantly, hospitality. Lee Evans, award winning music producer, recording engineer, songwriter (need we go on?) and CEO and co-owner of JAMBOX, along with Cathy Palmisano, JAMBOX’s “other half” when it comes to management and ownership, took command the floor, gracing all attendees with warm smiles and charming enthusiasm.
To jump off the night, there was a JAMBOX music showcase featuring some of JAMBOX’s most amazing artists, all of whom put on spectacular performances, including UMG’s Papa Doc, Sterling 8, Elizabeth Sullivan, rappers, Virtuoso, P-Star and Jay Wise, JAMBOX’s own B3B3 and R.E.A.P., Rod Clemmons, and Deshai Williams. Recording artist Lori Michaels, who was named one of Curve Magazine’s Seven Entertainers of the Year, headlined the show. Many JAMBOX guests performed in the Music Industry Mondays open mic contest. ICC & J.Alva and Royalty took the 1st and 2nd place spots, winning two free hours in studios A and B respectively. The next eight runner-ups received a $100.00 Gift Certificate. When the party came to an end at around 3 am, the people were much more than satisfied. The event was a success.
         The night’s purpose? To show the cats who came through what JAMBOX is about—and JAMBOX is really about family. Yes, our clients are family…and where else but in a family do we hear about something like, oh, let’s see…a 50% discount for all JAMBOX guests who attended the party!? Yeah. We do it big like that. So if you were there, then get at us. We are hookin’ you up.
         We want to give a shout-out and a “thank you” to Mike Mills, head of Given tequila, who sponsored the open Tequilla bar during the early hours of the event. JAMBOX thanks all of you who came out to party, and to those that didn’t, you may have missed the night, but you haven’t missed JAMBOX. Come on over and check out our two top-notch studios for recording (Studio A and The Blue Room). Our Audio Engineering Technique (AET) classes will jumpstart your audio career…just check the testimonials at www.audioengineeringcourse.com. You’ll learn how to professionally mix and master (our head instructor is music pioneer Lee Evans), and if you already know how to make that audio track of yours glossy and smooth, then you’ll learn how to make it shine and glisten even more.
         If the partygoers didn’t know what to expect from us beforehand, they know what to expect from us now: talent, family, fun, and earnest dedication. We enhance—we sophisticatedly join with—that lust for musical vastness, which resides inside of us all. We bring it out further and we make it 3-D pop. That’s what we do here at JAMBOX.
Don’t just come through to JAMBOX’s next event; come through to the studio to see what’s what here. Years of experience plus our devoted team of expert producers and engineers is exactly the recipe you need if you’re looking to add a little more flavor to what you already have cookin’. Simply put: we know what to do with music—at the party and at the studio both.

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