Life After The SONY DMX-R100 Mixing Console




Well, they came to get the console today. So, we needed to be consoled. After 18 years of great service, we decided to part ways with our SONY DMX-R100 mixing console. We did this b/c no really one used the console and it started taking up too much real estate. Despite the willingness of our CEO Lee Evans to constantly upgrade, we cannot deny that it tugged at our heart a bit to see this mixer go. like losing a reliable  friend. We have so many memories, so many incredible sessions and songs made on it… now we’re going thru…Life After Desk! (mixing desk)18 years ago, we bought this console from an upcoming rapper who had just signed his record deal. He wanted the latest and the greatest to record his album on, so he took his advance and bought this. Problem was he did not have a clue how to use it. Lee said, “yeah man this thing is not really useful to you. Too much to learn. naaaa, you should get rid of it while its still new…I know,,,sell it to me at a steep discount.” and so he did. According to Lee, we paid less than 1/3 of the store price and made our gear-head mackie mixer having friends very jealous  

Now its gone and  our studio A looks rather empty and sad. We need to replace it… I think. But with what?

Right now, we connected all our analog equipment directly from the patch bay to our audio interface Apogee Symphony, then to the monitors which seems to works, but we do not have direct control over our different input and output signals.

We’d  like your opinion.  What should we replace our Sony mixer with! A Digital Mixing Console?  Control Surface? (ie Slate Raven) or should we just go mixerless? What do you guys would like to see in our main studio? 
Share your thoughts with us below,  and stay tuned on our social media to find out what we decide to go with.



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