Manley VoxBox, Sweetwater Sounds Top 8 Mic Pres

Manley VoxBox,  Sweetwater Sounds Top 8 Mic Pres

The Manley VoxBox
is the must-have preamp for lots of engineers. With its beautiful preamp
section combined with a limiter, de-esser, and EQ all in a hefty
masterpiece of engineering, it’s a great solution for anyone looking for
fabulous sound in an all-in-one box. Built with Manley’s excellent
US-made craftsmanship, meticulous design, and attention to detail, this
unit is a delight to behold and to record through. I’ve enjoyed it every
time I’ve had the pleasure of working with one.

Manley VoxBox 

JAMBOX Studio A has been enjoying their Manley VoxBox since it’s release in the early 2000s
Book a session in our Studio @ and hear the magnificent combo of Neumann and Manley on your vocals! Also see our most sought after Manley Classics!
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