Multi Talented Jamaican Bred Artist KC Jockey Releases New EP

JAMBOX Presents : KC Jockey’s “Love In The Air”

Multi Talented Jamaican Bred Artist KC Jockey Releases New EP

KC Jockey is an artist who is hard to define. His style is a little bit ‘Kingston’ with a side of ‘Brooklyn.’ He’s part ‘R&B’ with a dash of ‘dance hall reggae.’ He has a been a long time member of JAMBOX Entertainment Studios in which he recorded hits like “Toast to the Dads” (picked up by Disney) & many more. To call him simply a musician does not even begin to scratch the surface of his career in the entertainment industry. Jockey’s recent appearances in major motion picture films, his modeling deals with a worldwide clothing line, his stint as official spokesperson for a popular energy drink, not to mention owning and operating his own record label, Jockey is a one man empire with a skill set that can challenge anyone in the business.

He now has dropped his new EP called “Love In The Air”

“This new EP will have eight tracks on it, and we are very excited to release this EP as a new year’s gift for 2018 for our fans”

According to the KC, the track listing includes “You Are A Mother”, “Gimme Some Of That”, “Don’t Bully”, “Cancer”, “Dem Gone”, “Payroll Snitches”, “Unnecessary”, and “Tears Of Blood”.

“It’s a bit tribute to my mother and all powerful females who are mothers and play many roles. A mother naturally gives everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination. It is better to be looked over than overlooked.

Listen Here: KC Jockey – “Love In The Air”

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