Positive Rapper Sabor Latino, JAMBOX Interview 2019 Inspiration, Motivation, Education

Sabor Latino’s hip hop spreads positive messages about education

message and youth-oriented rapper Sabor Latino just recorded his new
album @ JAMBOX Entertainment Studios. Sabor released his 1st album in 2012 with us and has
been Family since. Sabor also talks about his latest book and more.
Sabor is just coming off of an interview with Fox5 TV who were intrigued by this positive, well educated and motivated rapper. 
Sabor is now inspiring and prepping students for real life.
He fits right in with the culture of
JAMBOX Entertainment. We are proud of his accomplishments and to have
him as a client and a friend!
Check out his JAMBOX and Fox 5 interviews
JAMBOX Entertainment Studios
212 979-8324

352 Seventh Avenue
Suite 203
New York City NY 10001-5012
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