RIP Chick Corea, A Musical Icon

Remembering Chick Corea: A Musical Icon



The music world has suffered a tragic loss with the passing of the great Chick Corea. Chick Corea was a supernatural icon among us human musicians. Most of us are either average or good, some even great, but there are a handful of super elite musicians that have had the ability to change and shape our world when we listen to their music. They draw the admiration of the best of the best of us…they are legendary.


Chick Corea was one of these icons in our eyes. He is someone that heavily impacted my own music style from when I first discovered him in the 70s with his band Return To Forever (RTF). (I couldn’t hang with the cats unless I was able to play and jam out on “Spain” back in my college days practice room jams. I felt kinda awesome about myself once I learned how to play that front lick).

Furthermore, his albums with RTF, Romantic Warrior, Music Magic and Armando’s rumba from that time, changed my musical world. RTF’s main lineup was a quartet (Chick, Lenny White, Stanley Clark and Al Dimeola on guitar). They served as my great introduction to Jazz Fusion (a progressive version of jazz popular with ‘70s musicians). I couldn’t believe my ears that it was even possible to conceive write and play this stuff.

Not only was Chick Corea an example of technical perfection, his melodies could touch your soul. Above all, his licks were awe inspiring, and his improvs would take you to places you’ve never imagined. Amongst countless other accomplishments, Chick Corea has won an astonishing 23 Grammys. 


Chick, we will miss you. I know your music will live on to inspire the future generations of musicians. Thank you so much for what you’ve given us.


Chick Corea’s Top Hits:

My Spanish Heart

My Spanish Heart (2019 Version)

Chick Corea-Spain

The Musician

Written by Lee Evans
JAMBOX Entertainment Studios



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